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The production in Ecuador is already on top worldwide, 

Green Force is a premium export company with high standards who adapts to any requirements of in markets or regions.

We are more than glad to share our experience and it will be and honor to share the quality of our fruits with you.

Welcome to Ecuador´s Finnest Fields! 

Mission and Vision

We work everyday to supply high quality fruits to our customers all around the world, always taking care of every aspect involve in the production and exporting process. Our mission is to accomplish our customers’ requirements and needs.


Our goal to the future is to be present with our brands MAXIMA and CALEB in most of the countries around the world, always keeping the high standard of our fruit, service and reliable. 

About Us


By working in the core of mother nature, we feel blessed to wake up and see green in every direction. It is very important for us to promote the care for nature and to promote green conscience.


Environmental Awareness


We are pleased to share that each day our vision is matching our goals, and one of our major goals in GREENFORCE is to give back to the community. 


Help and improvement for everyone involved in our company is one of our top priorities, everyday we promote social and environmental awareness.


We seek to cover the needs and to promote the pride of working in our Fields. This fields belong to every man and woman who work hard to bring the most sweet and fresh fruits in the Area. 


Social conscience

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